Hello, my name is Carthy. It's a priority that my clients are happy and satisfied with the service(s) I provide them. I promise to listen with an open mind and to be thoughtful of clarifying any expressed or possible unexpressed wants and/or needs. I want to help enhance all of my clients' natural beauty in the best ways and in a custom way that compliments their individual unique facial structure and features. I'm hoping to earn your trust and can be your personal pmu beautician.


At a minimum, I am a licensed cosmetologist. When I went to school for cosmetology, I went for nail technology, then esthetics and last, for hairstyling then combined them all under my cosmetology license. I am also a ceritifed permanent makeup artist who completed Colorado's required 132-hours of permanent makeup training with Mile High Modern Beauty with extra hours. 

I love to learn as much as possible and I will continue education to stay up to date with the best and most effective techniques.




Beautiful definition for perfect brows

A special shading technique created behind existing brow hairs to add definition, create density, and to help fill in gaps for the perfect brow. The shading is lighter in the front and darker on the tails.This can be catered to your needs for natural to bold brows. Great for all skin types. Results last 2 - 3 years depedning on care and skin type.


Fuller looking lashes that last

Natural lash liner also known as a lash enhancement is like an eyeliner but only along your natural lash line. It will naturally add the appearance of more volume, depth and definition to your lash line. Pigment is applied to the areas in between eyelashes on your top lash line, giving a hint of permanent eyeliner without the obvious line. Results last 3-5 years.


Natural Fuller Brows

'Hair like' strokes are strategically created behind existing brow hair fot the most natural result. Not for all skin types. Results last 12 -18 months depending on care and skin type.


Enhance the overall natural beauty

Soft Lip Blush will help create defined contour. Enhance the overall natural beauty of your lips. Unbalanced symmetry, a thin appearance and lack of natural pigment can also be corrected in a natural way with this advanced technique. Results can last 2-5 years.


Natural Fuller Brows

'Hair like' strokes with a combination of adding pigments in between the created hairstrokes behind existing brow hairs to add definition, create density, and to help fill in gaps for the perfect brow. Great for most skin types. Results last 12-36 months depending on care and skin type.





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